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Leaders want real-life insights that take into account the immense challenges inherent in adopting technology and bringing innovation to scale in large companies and organizations.
— Future of Technology Summit

The Strategy Innovation Group is thrilled to be a Partner at the Future of Technology Summit (FT Summit) on February 10-12, 2019 in Washington, DC.

Bob Johnston, Founder and Managing Associate will deliver a keynote address on, “How to be future ready in the innovation economy” and will moderate a Thought Leader Panel on “Translating innovation as organizational culture”.

The FT Summit is designed to bring the leading pioneers across the technology spectrum – artificial intelligence to virtual reality to robotics – together with the executives who own a mandate to create a better, more innovative future.

Over 200 companies, ranging from healthcare to manufacturing, government agencies, and non-profits will be in attendance. The FT Summit will be live-streamed to 10,000 participants around the globe.

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Sponsorship opportunities will enable students and teachers to attend and participate. If you are interested in supporting student and teacher involvement with a sponsorship, and partnering with the FT Summit in its mission to harness technology for a preferred future, please email us or call 215.668.4373.

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I am often asked, what propels me to take the Future of Technology Summit to the most powerful cities of the world. While I am passionate about technology, my moonshot mission of building an enduring partnership between Autism community and Tech leaders, stems from my up-close experience as a father of an 11-year old autistic son.
— Shaji Nair, Co-Founder and CEO of the Future of Technology Summit


Our process for a Thought Leader Panel is the most effective way to create a preferred future.

Since the most innovative companies are seldom those who only talk to themselves, one way to provide a catalyst to change is to engage outside thought leaders to come in and challenge future assumptions, such as, technology experts, global demographers, futurists and even science fiction writers.

As these experts share their area of expertise, new knowledge is created. It's always less important what the thought leaders say and more important what participants hear. Typically, one-third of an organization’s future assumptions turn out to be confirmed. But the rest need either to be dramatically modified to factor in important trends or new knowledge — or they need to be replaced altogether.

The goal is to strive for alignment across an organization’s leadership, of what the future roadmap should be to grow. A shifting strategic frontier is a normal part of business, but it should never derail a business from future growth.

The Strategy Innovation Group has collaborated with several hundred industry Thought Leaders. Some experts have cultivated long-lasting relations with us and served on two or more panels. Others have engaged us to lead Thought Leader Panels for their own organizations.

Join us at the FT Summit to achieve the mission to:

  1. Bring thought leadership to influential cities around the world.

  2. Bring innovators, investors, decision makers and consumers together around the technologies of the future.

  3. Build an enduring partnership between the autism community and tech leadership.

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Strategy Innovation is a bold leap into a new future. It is a rallying cry for growth, a clarion call to lead others into the future, to achieve new levels of performance and success.
— The Power of Strategy Innovation