Are you at risk without a capability for Strategy Innovation?


Does your organization rely on strategic planning to deliver opportunities for future growth? Are you attempting to get product innovation from product planning? If the answer is “yes”, there is a better way.

All strategies, like product value, will atrophy, sooner or later, without innovation. Product planning and similarly, strategic planning alone, will NOT be a catalyst for innovative products or innovative growth strategies.

You can’t eliminate the need for product innovation with product planning, just like you can’t eliminate the need for Strategy Innovation with strategic planning. What you can do is build a systemic approach to Strategy Innovation that elevates and optimizes your strategic planning.

The precursor for product planning is successful product innovation, just like the precursor for strategic planning is successful strategy innovation. Do strategy innovation first, then do strategic planning to create the most robust growth opportunity pipeline: incremental to breakthrough.


In an increasingly non-linear economy, incremental change is not enough — you have to build a capacity for strategy innovation, one that increases your ability to recognize new opportunities. The goal is to create a movement in your company — a movement that unleashes strategy innovation.
— GARY HAMEL - Management and Strategy Guru, Interview for Strategy+Business]


  • Discover blue ocean opportunities on your Strategic Frontier

  • Plan backwards from a preferred future state to accelerate growth

  • Re-vitalize your culture by unleashing the creativity of the people in your organization

  • Discover and monetize new growth on your Strategic Frontier

  • Mandate enterprise innovation to engage everyone in sustained future growth

  • Invent new models that create and deliver new value in new ways to your marketplace

  • Reveal and navigate the invisible forces that limit your innovative growth

  • Harness the entrepreneurial spirit and talent of your organization for enterprise growth

  • Systematically elevate your foresight on future forces

  • Co-create with customers to leverage that “people buy what they help to create”


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