Future: Friend or Foe?


How many organizations do you know that were somehow surprised and negatively impacted by the future?  

All companies must balance the needs of today’s business with the needs of tomorrow’s business.

Strategy Innovation can be a powerful means of managing your business toward the future.

The effective pursuit of Strategy Innovation requires a few basic assumptions about the future: 

The future is not one-size-fits-all, it is proprietary.

The future does not yet exist and can be created.

The future cannot be precisely predicted, but its forces can be identified.

The identification of new business opportunities in the future can drive new corporate strategies.

Having a portfolio of future new business opportunities based on your organization's "proprietary perspective" is an important corporate asset.

Senior management needs a "road map" of the emerging future, and a portfolio of new business opportunities aimed at creating new value in that future, to compete in tomorrow's markets.