Strategy Innovation Group, LLC
There is an abundance of emerging evidence and research that is clear: grow or die!

In the new millennium, sustaining an organization’s growth and vitality is the imperative, but increasingly difficult with a shorter tenure for leadership, tenuous employee engagement and a more chaotic marketplace.

Strategy innovation is an attractive solution for organizations who want to unleash the creativity and innovation of its people to sustain and accelerate growth while elevating employee engagement.

Strategy Innovation is not an innovation strategy. It is more. Strategy Innovation is the innovation of your organization’s strategy to achieve new sustainable growth. Every organization requires it, sooner or later. Innovation strategies, blue ocean opportunities, disruptive opportunities and other opportunities – incremental to breakthrough - are all identified through our process for Strategy Innovation.

Strategy Innovation was born out of the frustrations fueled by missed opportunities and self-limiting results: misalignment on future direction, unchallenged assumptions, myopic vision and weak or non-existent growth mandate.

Warren Buffett is leading a new choir of global executives championing "long-termism". "Blue Ocean" and "Disruptive Innovation" are cries for leadership to be open to new possibilities for growth. The Wall Street Journal announced recently that a CEO’s long-term orientation and mandate results in more innovative growth and better financial performance within 2 years.  

Strategy Innovation is a proven approach that enables organizations to unleash their creativity and innovation for sustainable, long-term growth toward a preferred future.

When leadership wants to create new internal capabilities for growth, they are ready for Strategy Innovation and the exploration of their organization’s Strategic Frontier.

Without a growth mandate from leadership, the organization will not be aligned on a growth imperative. And, even with a growth mandate, it will ring hollow without a sufficient investment of resources and infrastructure to support the mandate. Is your organization on a transformative track for growth with a loud and clear mandate and supporting infrastructure?

How large is your organization’s investment in creating a new future? 

What is the clarity, confidence and conviction of your leadership on a future roadmap? 

How loud is the mandate for innovative growth?


Strategy Innovation is…

Shifting a corporation’s business strategy in order to create new value for both the customer and the corporation.

A process of applying innovative thinking to the entire business model of a company, not just to its products or inventions.

The process of finding a way to ‘‘change the rules of the game’’ so that your company’s products, competencies, and assets provide you with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

While Strategy Innovation may be critical for success (or survival) in dynamic markets, it can also be a source of competitive advantage in more stable markets.

Established companies with an instinct for corporate renewal use strategy innovation to remain vital and relevant over time.


Accelerate Growth with Strategy Innovation.



Types of Companies that will immediately benefit from Strategy Innovation. 

Companies that:

Want to change the basis of competition

Seek a sustainable competitive advantage

Are looking to change their strategic direction

Are searching for the next growth platform for their business

Want to identify and lead disruptive strategy in their industry

Need new growth opportunities to meet long-term revenue goals

Are in declining markets

Want to identify their “blue ocean” opportunity on their strategic frontier

Are facing a competitive threat and need to respond with new ways to deliver customer value

Have streamlined and downsized their business to improve the bottom line and now need to find profit improvements in growing the top line

Are looking to aggressively increase market share

Need to define a corporate mission or vision

Seek management collaboration in the development of and alignment on a new strategy




This often involves changing or innovating the business models – the template on how the firm is going to make money - to make a company more competitive. Strategy innovation requires changing or bringing new value propositions, services and production processes.