Strategy Innovation Group, LLC

Creating an innovative growth strategy for your organization

Accelerate Growth by Capturing Your Strategic Frontiers

Use our Discovery Process to identify and explore your most attractive Strategic Frontiers to expand your pipeline of growth opportunities: incremental to breakthrough.  We guide you through our proven 5-phase process to create a new portfolio of opportunities.

Disrupting Your Business Model (Before the Market Does)

Use our Discovery methodology to understand all the ways your business model might be disrupted by the competition and how it can be transformed to create an unfair competitive advantage and new profitability in the future.

Discover Your Future Focus

Leadership is often so focused on near term performance and results that it forgets to pay attention to the future.  Sooner or later, the organization will pay a price for this lack of foresight.  Use Strategy Innovation to challenge your organization’s conscious and unconscious assumptions about the future and align on a roadmap for a preferred future.  

Growth Capability


Creating an innovative growth capability for your organization


Innovation Capability Development

An Innovation System is a capability that harnesses your innovation assets to target and achieve your mandate for growth. This is an immersion in the tools and techniques that will enable your organization to create and sustain an opportunity portfolio for growth.

Optimizing Your Foresight Architecture and Practice

Developing a world class infra-structure for identifying and tracking future forces that will influence the emergence of your organization’s future growth opportunities.

Launch Innovation Teams (iTeams) for Immediate Impact and Growth

We help you to identify, develop and launch anywhere from 1 to 100 iTeams to target your organization's imperatives: revenue generation, cost-cutting or marketplace disruption. They will establish a climate of accelerated achievement that will be a model for the rest of the organization.

Customer Co-Creation Lab

This process enlists the customer as a participant in the new product/service development process to ensure the invention of market-centric solutions. While one of our core principles is “People support what they help to create”, our experience teaches us an equally powerful principle, “People buy what they help to create!”.

Growth Culture


Creating an innovative growth culture for your organization


Growth Culture Assessment

Where are you in developing a supporting culture for innovative performance and growth?  We can help you understand where your culture is helping and where it is getting in the way using our Four Pillars of Innovative Organizations as a guide.  

Growth Culture Transformation

Use our cutting-edge innovation methodology and tools to raise the bar of your organization’s innovation performance, while advancing the level of employee engagement and the vitality of your culture.

Overcoming Barriers to Growth

Why is innovation difficult?  And, why do organizations, world class at innovation, from time to time, struggle?  Our experience suggests one word: culture.  Every organization has invisible forces that limit innovation, if they remain out of sight and unchecked.  We make these barriers visible and help you navigate through them or eliminate them altogether.