FutureMakers Summit Recap + Highlights Video

©2018 Illustrations by  Anthony Weeks  of the Strategy Innovation Group Presentation.

©2018 Illustrations by Anthony Weeks of the Strategy Innovation Group Presentation.

Be a Future Maker! A collaboration with leaders to create the future.
— FutureMakers Summit {June 2018}

Due to the request of many executives in our community, who were unable to attend, we are providing you with an inspiring “highlights” video from the FutureMakers Summit in Palo Alto this summer. Co-created by the Center for Creative Leadership, the Institute for the Future, Electronic Arts and the Strategy Innovation Group, we hope you enjoy the next 3-minutes!

FutureMakers Summit Recap:

The primary source of the content for the FutureMakers Summit, as you can see in the video, is Bob Johansen’s new book, The New Leadership Literacies. The new literacies are:

  • Forecast likely futures so you can “look back” and prepare now for the changes to come

  • Use low-risk gaming spaces to work through your concerns about the future and hone your leadership skills

  • Inspire shape-shifting organizations that don’t respond to “command and control” leadership

  • Be a dynamic presence even when you’re not there in person

  • Maintain high personal energy and electrify your organization

Additionally, the Strategy Innovation Group contributed its practice of every organization, importantly, identifying and aligning on its most attractive strategic frontiers and the imperative of every leader developing a skill-set for “creating the future and embracing a methodology for FutureBack Strategy, one of Bob’s literacies.

Led by Joseph Press, Global Innovator + Strategic Advisor to the President & CEO at the Center for Creative Leadership, CCL staff masterfully facilitated the program and provided experiences that created an immersion into the leadership literacies. Andy Billings, VP, Profitable Creativity at Electronic Arts, orchestrated the attendees’ excursion to EA and experiences in artificial intelligence and gaming, supporting specific new leadership practices for the future.

Let us know (start a discussion) what you think of the FutureMakers Summit and video, and if you would like to learn more about the summit and our practice for “creating the future”.


FutureMakers Summit Agenda | June 2018

©2018 Illustrations by  Anthony Weeks

©2018 Illustrations by Anthony Weeks

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