Inspirational Creativity Expert Joins Forces with the Strategy Innovation Group, LLC


Teresa Amabile is a renaissance woman when it comes to her multi-faceted gift to inspire others to understand, appreciate and realize their creative potential. As a Harvard Business School professor, pioneering researcher and author, speaker and consultant, Teresa creates new value in every facet of her work. And she is the newest member of the Strategy Innovation Group team!


Our collaboration with Teresa is also multi-faceted:

  • Together we served on the Creative Education Foundation Board and the faculty of the Creative Problem Solving Institute

  • We retained Teresa for key projects at 3M, P&G, and Siemens, and for client work in South Africa

  • Together with Dorie Shallcross, we co-founded Global Odyssey for Youth (now Youthwise)

  • And, for a celebratory costume banquet, we marveled at her ability to become Judge Ito (OJ Simpson’s judge), complete with black robe and mustache.


Currently a Director of Research at the Harvard Business School, Teresa conducts research encompassing creativity, productivity, innovation, inner work life, and career transitions. Teresa was ranked 18 on the Thinkers 50, the definitive listing of the world’s top business thinkers. When you type “creativity” on Google Scholar, her name heads the list. Her most recent book is The Progress Principle, written with husband and collaborator Steven Kramer.

Teresa will lead projects for the Strategy Innovation Group and provide additional depth across all of our practice areas.  In particular, we are excited about Teresa’s expertise and experience in the area of assessing and transforming corporate cultures to achieve higher levels of creative and innovative performance. With Stan Gryskiewicz, Teresa did the research that led to the KEYS® survey to assess the climate for creativity and innovation.

Follow Teresa on Twitter: @TeresaAmabile

[Download Tips from The Progress Principle]