Accelerate Growth Through Strategy Innovation

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In an increasingly non-linear economy, incremental change is not enough — you have to build a capacity for strategy innovation, one that increases your ability to recognize new opportunities. The goal is to create a movement in your company — a movement that unleashes strategy innovation.

Strategy Innovation was born out of the frustrations fueled by missed opportunities and self-limiting results: misalignment on future direction, unchallenged assumptions, myopic vision and a weak or non-existent growth mandate.

In the new millennium, sustaining an organization’s growth and vitality is the imperative. A strategy innovation capability is an attractive solution for organizations who want to unleash the creativity and innovation of its people to sustain and accelerate growth while elevating employee engagement and performance.

Strategy Innovation is managing your business toward the future.

Strategy Innovation is more than an innovation strategy, it’s the innovation of your organization’s strategy to achieve new sustainable growth, near to long term. Every organization requires it, sooner or later. Innovation strategies, blue ocean opportunities, disruptive opportunities and other opportunities – incremental to breakthrough - are all identified through a strategy innovation capability.

Strategy Innovation is a proven approach that enables organizations to unleash their creativity and innovation for sustainable, long-term growth toward a preferred future. By blending future technology with a proven methodology, you can discover and monetize new opportunities, visible to visionary, as a catalyst for strategic growth and renewal.

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Responding to the challenge for accelerated growth.

Organizations that have found it difficult to focus on managing the future business confront a range of challenges including:

  • corporate myopia

  • industry turbulence

  • future incompetence

We harness the power of artificial intelligence to accelerate the strategy innovation process and growth. AI exponentially elevates the foresight and insight ability of an Innovation Team. With AI-driven insights, the strategy innovation process accelerates the creation of a preferred future for any enterprise. With respect to the future, companies are often myopic.

What does foresight, insight, and alignment equal? Accelerated innovation and monetized growth.
We call it “Future Pull.
— Bob Johnston

How many organizations do you know that were somehow surprised and negatively impacted by the future?

Assumptions can be problematic when it comes to the future. This is to say that future assumptions left unchallenged, will result in a future that will always look a lot like today: over and over, again. You must begin to envision how the future might be different from today. This is more challenging because our imagination is shackled by all the assumptions we hold about the future – many of which are limiting or lethal.

Strategy innovation can be a powerful means of managing your business toward the future. However, the effective pursuit of strategy innovation requires a few basic assumptions about the future.

  1. The future is not one-size-fits-all, it is proprietary.

  2. The future does not yet exist and can be created.

  3. The future cannot be precisely predicted, but its forces can be identified.

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At the point when companies experience the gap between their projected revenue and the revenue required to sustain their businesses, they will need a capability for strategy innovation.

All companies must balance the needs of today’s business with the needs of tomorrow’s business. A strategy innovation capability powered by AI-driven insights can be a powerful means of managing your business toward the future.

At the highest level, there are two and only two accountabilities of senior leadership:

  1. Sustaining the Fortress – Orchestrating near term operational excellence and results in a way that the organization meets or exceeds quarterly goals.

  2. Creating the Future – Providing the clear and loud mandate for innovative growth for the long term and equipping the organization with a methodology for identifying and monetizing new opportunities.

The activities for creating future growth opportunities are different from running the day-to-day business.
— The Power of Strategy Innovation

In our next blog-post, we'll provide a detailed illustration.