Center for Educators

12/8/2017, V1

Inly Center for Educators

Strategic Opportunity Concept:  A center that provides education by Inly facilitators to other educators on-site and through digital media

Possible Partners:  corporations; public school; American Montessori Society; technology partners

Key Resources:  Physical plant where classes could be held; curriculum; faculty and administration for instruction and management

Community Impact:  Improve education of those receiving curriculum; increased enrollment; increased revenue from certification and tuition fees; would be part of a national Inly Brand and would support the innovation corridor brand; long term attract talent and raise property values

Key Activities:  faculty and curriculum development; funding to initiate business; marketing

Key Questions/Challenges:  draw resources: intellectual and time to create; what other Montessori institutes exist?

Recommended First Steps and Key Milestones:  research; curriculum development; talent search; business plan; marketing plan; 1st graduating class

Possibilities to Explore for Funding:  grants; corporate sponsorship; tuition fees

Marta ReisComment