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A fully automated guest and employee engagement platform AND grassroots innovation system.


“As hospitality guru Danny Meyer says, it is imperative to deliver not only a high-quality product, but also “enlightened hospitality” – an outstanding customer experience with that product. But how can this dual goal be achieved in profitable ways that consistently meet the demands of a highly competitive industry?”

Teresa Amabile, Harvard Business School

The Strategy Innovation Group’s solution for fostering “enlightened hospitality” is Inspired Engagement PLUS™, a new employee and guest “grassroots” innovation system. This proprietary methodology for generating and monetizing innovative growth from the bottom up is based on the process outlined in our book, The Power of Strategy Innovation and four years of work with Dick Marriott and over 100 Host Hotels & Resorts properties (Marriotts, Ritz-Carltons, Hyatts among others.) Inspired Engagement PLUS™ is supported by Routier’s technology that offers effortless, real-time communication between a hotel and its guests and employees to create instant and future value for operational excellence.

1+1=3 when you marry a proven methodology for growth with a game-changing technology to create an unparalleled advantage.
— Strategy Innovation Group



Inspired Engagement PLUS™

Accelerated Growth ProgramS STARTING:

Boston, MA | May 2018

Washington, DC | May 2018

New York, NY | June 2018

Chicago, IL | November 2018

Inspired Engagement PLUS™ elevates the hotel experience for both guests and employees. Hotel staff are equipped and engaged in new ways to create and deliver new value for guests and for the hotel. This results in improved guest experience scores, increased social media scores, greater guest and employee loyalty and accelerated RevPar growth. Sample results:

Host Hotels realized an incremental $24 million in revenue at a 48% profit margin in year one (with $37 million more forecasted for the following year).

Swissôtel Chicago generated an increase of $4.2 million in food and beverage revenue in one year.

One hotel increased its TripAdvisor ranking by 30 points and the number of new TripAdvisor reviews by 659 in six months using Routier’s unique technology.

With Inspired Engagement PLUS™, “employees support what they help to create”, AND “guests buy what they help to create”, generating new growth, vitality and loyalty for the hotel.

Lots of solutions promise ‘real-time’ connections with guests while they are in your hotel, but Routier delivers in a way that directly impacts your hotel’s overall revenue... and quickly!
— Yaniv Packin, General Manager of Stewart Hotel NYC
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What's involved and included?

“We need to apply creativity and innovation across more areas of the business and not just customer service and satisfaction, such as how to engage the workforce, increase revenue and grow profitability.”

General Manager, Marriott International

Our Formula For Inspired Engagement PLUS™:

Insightful, instant analytics enables targeted innovation that inspires accelerated growth.

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